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How to File an Insurance Claim for a Motorcycle Accident

When you’re injured or your motorcycle is damaged in an accident caused by another party, you may be entitled to compensation in Illinois. But how do you obtain that compensation? Filing an insurance claim is usually the right place to start your journey toward financial recovery. A motorcycle accident attorney at the Law Offices of […]

Important Questions to Ask Your Truck Accident Lawyer

The only silly question is the one you decide not to ask, or so the adage goes. But if you are like many truck accident injury victims, you may not know what questions to ask following a collision with a semi-trailer. You may be in such a state of shock that you legitimately expect others […]

3 Key Factors that Determine Personal Injury Settlement Value

When you have been injured by another person, receiving compensation is the result of either a successful lawsuit or a settlement agreement. While lawsuits may attract more attention and interest, most legal disputes will be resolved through a settlement. Settlements offer greater predictability, lower fees, and quicker resolutions than lawsuits, which makes them favored by […]

Is Delta-8 Legal in Illinois?

Delta-8 is a relatively new type of cannabinoid available in the Illinois marketplace. And although cannabis is legal in the state in certain forms, there exists some doubt as to Delta-8’s legality. So is Delta-8 legal in Illinois? Yes and no. The true answer depends on the specific circumstances. In any case, consumers who take […]

A Guide to Illinois Bankruptcy Laws

Bankruptcy is a court proceeding that can give individuals and entities much relief from overwhelming financial pressures. Under Illinois bankruptcy laws, bankruptcies can take various forms and can lead to partial or full discharge (a/k/a forgiveness) of debts or to financial restructuring that allows an individual or entity to better pay off its creditors. Types […]

Is Illinois a Stop and Identify State?

Do you know your rights if an Illinois police officer stops you? The Fourth Amendment protects you from illegal search and seizure. And in some cases, “unlawful search” means that you don’t have to identify yourself just because a law enforcement officer asks. However, some questions arise when people ask about the stop-and-identify laws in […]

How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

A competent and caring estate planning attorney can provide more than just estate planning services. They can also offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your affairs are in good hands. Finding the right professional can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. Read on for five helpful tips on how to […]