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Illinois Guardianship administration law is designed to protect the rights and welfare of individuals no longer capable of handling their own affairs. By helping to secure assets for children and disabled adults, legal guardians can help make sure that an individual’s financials and health is cared for..

With the help of a qualified Illinois Guardianship attorney, you can facilitate the continued wellbeing of your dependent. Speak with our knowledgeable and compassionate Guardianship lawyers – Trent West & Michael Ginos.

The prospect of becoming a legal guardian is a serious one. The first step is looking into the extent of the responsibility that ultimately falls to the guardian. It can be a significant undertaking and looking at your options and knowing what to expect is the only way to start the process.

This conversation might be had with family, friends, a actual guardian or with an experienced guardianship lawyer. Consulting with an attorney will help you understand the legal rights and responsibilities of guardianship.

Temporary guardianships are those that are awarded in emergency situations, usually lasting 60 days. Plenary guardianships are appointed on a long-term basis and are used for a variety of purposes, but are always employed to protect individuals unable to make necessary decisions. There’s Guardianship of the Estate, in which the guardian makes decisions regarding the ward’s property and finances, and there’s Guardianship of the Person, in which the guardian makes decisions regarding the ward’s care, and includes decisions concerning the ward’s education, medical care, and habitat.

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Illinois Guardianship cases are not always as easy as filing a petition with the courts. Sometimes there are complex elements, including family dynamics and financial issues to contemplate. If protecting someone you care about is the number one goal, you’ll want an experienced law firm.

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