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Both felony and misdemeanor convictions can carry criminal consequences that have a life-changing impact. Felony crimes, however, are more severe and typically have more serious consequences. At the Law Offices of Glenn & West, LLC, our experienced felony attorneys serve clients in Nokomis, Litchfield, and the surrounding areas of Illinois.

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There are five classes of felony crimes in Illinois, beginning with Class 4 (the least severe) and working up to Class X (the most severe):

  • Class 4 felonies. Class 4 felony crimes are the least serious type of felony crimes, including crimes like drug possession (in small quantities) and aggravated assault. Class 4 felonies are punishable by 1-3 years in prison.
  • Class 3 felonies. These types of felonies include crimes like aggravated battery and theft of up to $2,000. Class 3 felonies are punishable by 2-5 years in prison.
  • Class 2 felonies. Class 2 felonies are very serious, and the consequences can be severe. Examples of Class 2 felony crimes include kidnapping, theft of over $2,000, arson, and burglary. Class 2 felonies are punishable by 3-7 years in prison.
  • Class 1 felonies. If you are convicted of a Class 1 felony, you are likely looking at years behind bars. Certain drug possession crimes, theft of assets valued over $10,000, criminal sexual assault, and second-degree murder are all Class 1 felony crimes. Class 1 felonies are punishable by 4-15 years in prison.
  • Class X felonies. Class X felonies are the most serious felony crimes. Class X felonies include aggravated arson, aggravated battery of a child, armed robbery, aggravated kidnapping, drug-induced homicide, making a terrorist threat, and more. Class 4 felonies are punishable by 6-30 years in prison.

If a person is convicted of a felony crime, they will almost surely face prison time and a large fine. More than that, though, felony crimes may also result in:

  • A permanent mark on one’s criminal record
  • The loss of voting privileges
  • Potential bar on where someone can live or work (depending on the crime)
  • Potential requirement to register as a sex offender (depending on the crime)
  • Potential loss of child custody
  • The loss of a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card and the right to carry a concealed weapon
  • Difficulty securing housing, employment, and other opportunities in the future
  • Potential probation or parole
  • Potential court-ordered community service, rehabilitation, or education
  • And other consequences

Being charged with a felony crime is serious and demands immediate action on the part of the defendant. The first thing that a person facing felony charges should do is call an experienced felony attorney.

A knowledgeable attorney like Trent West can help you by:

  • Explaining the charges you are facing and the potential consequences
  • Reviewing the prosecution’s evidence against you and making a recommendation for your case strategy
  • Building your case or negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution
  • Working to ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected throughout the entire process
  • And more

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