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Losing a loved one is emotional and often heartbreaking. In addition to the grief that you may be experiencing after a loved one’s death, you may also be tasked with distributing your loved one’s estate and managing the probate process. At the Law Offices of Glenn & West, LLC, our experienced probate attorneys can help to make this process as stress-free as possible.

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Probate is the process of taking inventory of the deceased person’s assets, presenting a will to the court and proving its validity, then paying creditors and distributing remaining assets per the terms of the will or the laws of decedent and distribution if there is no will.  Probate can be independent with very little court supervision or dependent with more court supervision.  Sometimes probate can be avoided but that depends not he terms of the will, the amount or type of assets in the estate, and who will receive the assets. Assets that are not subject to probate include those that are held in joint tenancy, those with direct beneficiaries (such as payable on death accounts or life insurance), and those assets held in a trust.

When you work with the Law Offices of Glenn & West, LLC, the first step is meeting with you to give you guidance and determine whether or not the estate needs to pass through probate.  Some estates are exempt, and many assets held in an estate may be exempt.

The probate process can be long, tedious, technical, and difficult to manage when you’re dealing with your own grief, emotions, and basic duties of life. Our experienced probate lawyer provides a variety of services related to the probate process.  Some of the services that we provide for our clients include:

  • Answering your questions
  • Dealing with difficult family members that may have an interest in the estate
  • Filing the will with the Circuit Clerk’s office
  • Submitting the will to the probate court
  • Defending a will
  • Seeking appraisals of various types of the decedent’s property
  • Determining any debts that the decedent owed at his or her death and determining how they will be paid, if at all
  • Filing a copy of the decedent’s final income tax return or working with an accountant to have such prepared
  • Distributing assets to the legatees or heirs

We can also keep all beneficiaries apprised of what’s happening, communicate with creditors, and handle any disputes that may arise. If you have any questions, we will remain available and accessible.

In addition to helping everyday people who have lost loved ones, we also provide probate services to other attorneys. If you are a personal injury attorney, we can assist you in your handling of any wrongful death claims by managing the probate side of the deceased person’s estate on your behalf.

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The idea of losing a loved one can be unbearable. If it happens, however, you may be responsible for administering your loved one’s estate. This can be extremely burdensome—and depending on the size of the estate, very complicated. At the Law Offices of Glenn & West, LLC, our experienced probate attorneys can provide you with a full range of legal services related to the probate process.

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